Our hero’s tale

Are we actually heroes? There are plenty more deserving of the title. We simply saw an opportunity to be the heroes of the pool care industry and of service to others and said “yes”.

A history of growth

Over the last 20+ years, our parent company has become the worlds’ leading manufacturer and distributor of composite fiberglass swimming pools. Its flagship brand, Leisure Pools®, has delivered 70,000+ pools into 23 countries worldwide through its outstanding network of more than 500 dealers.

With the advent of Imagine Pools® in 2015, we expanded our reach to touch the lives of more families. This opened the door to increased innovation and creativity with exciting and exclusive new designs at the forefront, that are offered by a network of more than 1000 independent, locally-owned and operated dealers in North America and Europe. Four years later, we introduced Aviva Pools®, taking the swimming pool industry by storm with our new line of contemporary and glamorous fiberglass pool designs.

As a global superpower when it comes to expertise in swimming pool manufacturing, we are leaving our (wet!) footprint around the world by supplying swimming pools to tens of thousands of happy families each year. Even better, we have expanded into manufacturing automatic swimming pool safety covers and portable spas. The fun just never ends.

A moment of clarity

As a pool owner, you undoubtedly already know that owning a swimming pool comes with many rewards and, yes, a few risks. Just like the chemistry in the water of your pool, it is all about balance. While there is the need for routine maintenance and cleaning to avoid potential costly repairs down the road, as well as some safety issues to consider, owning a swimming pool opens the door to many exciting benefits. You can enjoy the social perks of spending time with friends and family; you can use your pool as a place to work out, making it good for your physical and mental health; and a swimming pool definitely upgrades the appearance of your home.

With support from the compassionate, authentic, and reliable experts at Ultra Pool Care Squad, you can continue to reap the rewards while we help make pool ownership simple, easy and enjoyable.

We know a thing or two about pools

We build pools because we believe in fun. We are a family-owned, world-class fiberglass swimming pool manufacturer with roots in Australia but footprints around the world. And because we know a thing or two about pools, reliability and satisfaction are guaranteed. Creating memories is the essence behind our company and we pride ourselves on providing exceptional service, superior products and innovative designs that delight and inspire. We are not afraid to jump in and do the work so you can fully enjoy your backyard retreat.

  • Far-Reaching Global Footprint
  • Family-Owned and Operated for more than 20 Years
  • More than 500 Dealers Worldwide

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