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Winterization” packages also available 

As the 100-degree days of summer are now upon us, it may be heartbreaking to think that you should be planning the closing of your swimming pool.  However, if you want to be sure that your pool is properly closed for the winter, now is the time to start thinking about when you want your pool closed and to reserve your day on our calendar so that your Ultra Pool Care Squad professional is available on the day you want him/ her to be there.

At Ultra Pool Care Squad, we understand that a professional closing translates into a longer life for your pool and your equipment.  It also dramatically reduces the risk of damage to your pool from the extreme elements of winter.  Below are some specialized steps we take to ensure that your pool is properly taken care of and ready for its winter slumber.

When Should You Close Your Swimming Pool

If you do not plan on using your pool, it is always a good idea to close your pool to prevent any damage to your pool while you are away, or more importantly, to make sure that your pool is safe and secure so that no major incidents occur.

For most families, closing a pool will occur once the temperatures drop and the autumn leaves start falling.  Leaves are a major concern because they can clog up your filtration system.  At the very least, be sure to inspect your pool every day to clear these leaves and then trust your Ultra Pool Care Squad professional to do a more thorough cleaning and inspection every week.

As the temperatures begin to cool, we would appreciate the opportunity to close your pool while it is moderate outside.  This tends to be around the 50-to-55-degree temperature mark.  This is not a harsh water temperature for the pool and is more enjoyable for your pool professional.  As it gets colder, you can imagine the pleasure we have in putting our hands into frigid waters and working to clean your pool lines of the colder water.

Cleaning the Pool and Adjusting the Water Chemistry 

The major cleaning of your pool should be completed prior to the actual pool closing.  During an Ultra Pool Care Squad weekly visit, our expert technicians thoroughly clean your pool.  We remove debris, leaves, and any other foreign matter from the pool.  Also, brush the pool walls and floor to eliminate lingering dirt or algae.  Once the pool is clean, we perform a comprehensive digital water diagnostic test.  We carefully balance the water chemistry, adjusting pH, Alkalinity, Chlorine, CYA, and LSI levels to their appropriate ranges.  Balancing helps ensure that the water remains clear and helps prevent algae or bacteria growth during the winter.  The sand in your filter will be backwashed, or the cartridges also be cleaned.

The Pool Closing – Removing Debris and Checking the Water Chemistry 

Before initiating the closing process, our expert technicians remove debris, leaves, and any other foreign matter from the pool.  We also brush the pool walls and floor to eliminate lingering dirt or algae.  Once the pool is free of debris, we perform a digital water diagnostic test.  This will help ensure the water chemistry balance is at appropriate ranges.  Balancing helps ensure the water remains clear longer and helps prevent algae or bacteria growth during the winter.  We may need to treat your pool with specialized chemicals for harsh winter weather.

Equipment Inspection and Maintenance 

Before completing the pool closing process, our professionals thoroughly inspect your pool equipment.  We check for any signs of wear and tear, leaks, or potential issues that require attention.  If any problems are detected, we recommend repairs or replacements to ensure your pool is in optimal condition when the swimming season returns.

Remove Pool Accessories 

We will hose off any dirt, body oil, or algae, let them dry, and store them in your selected place for the winter.

Lowering the Water and Winterizing 

Next, we will lower the pool water to the manufacturer-recommended level.  Removing the water from the plumbing helps to prevent freezing and potential damage.   This involves blowing out the water from the pipes using compressed air.  Our skilled technicians ensure that all valves, filters, pumps, and heaters are winterized to help safeguard against freezing temperatures.  Our Ultra-Hero will typically install a skimmer guard and plug the return line to ensure no water flows back into your plumbing.

Drain plugs will be removed from the pump, filter tank, and other equipment.  We will work with you to identify where your equipment and plugs can be kept in a safe, warm, and dry place so that they stay in optimum condition and are ready to be reinstalled once pool season returns.

Cover your swimming pool over winter

Cover the pool 

Installing a high-quality automatic safety pool cover is essential to help protect your pool in the winter and can benefit your swimming experience in the summer.  We offer a selection of durable, weather-resistant covers to protect your pool from debris, sunlight, and extreme weather conditions.  Our technicians meticulously measure your pool for a custom fit.  They provide the most significant protection from debris, damage, and people or animals accidentally falling in.  We will secure your cover for the winter.


We document the entire pool closing process.  This documentation is emailed to you as a record of the services performed.  It allows you to track the maintenance history of your pool accurately.  In addition, we offer post-closing support and are available to answer any questions or address concerns that may arise during the winter months.

Reserve Your Day for Closing Your Pool 

Closing your pool requires a few hours to ensure everything goes as it should.  Call the experts at Ultra Pool Care Squad at (855) 85-CLEAN (855-852-5326) to allow us to make sure that we have everything in place, including a new winter cover if needed.

Most pool closings will occur after Labor Day Weekend, and when the temps drop below 65 degrees, our schedule fills up fast for the closing seasons.  That is why arranging your desired date with us is essential so we can accommodate you.

Want To Extend the Swimming Season – Add a Heater! 

If you want to enjoy your pool a little longer, consider adding or upgrading a pool heater.  Ask us which one would be best for your pool, and we can work with you to add it so that you can continue enjoying your pool for another four to six weeks before closing it down.

Winterization Package Available  

An additional option to consider is our Winterization Package.  This not only provides a thorough Pool Closing but we also add in three service visits during the winter plus we also schedule your Pool Opening for next year!

We encourage you to select the winterization package so you will receive  monthly inspections with Ultra Pool Care Squad to ensure that your pool maintains its winter integrity and any winter storms have not impacted your pool’s condition.  Ask us about this valuable option.

Call The Closers of Ultra Pool Care Squad 

Please call us to ensure your pool is closed professionally for the season.  Nothing is worse than learning that you have broken pipes within your pool, fountain, or hot tub.  Our team has hundreds of closings under our belts, so we know what it takes so that you do not have to worry about your pool over the winter.

Let us take all the worry and stress from your pool closing – and continue to enjoy your pool this summer!