Ultra Pool Care Squad van parked during a pool cleaning service near you
Ultra Pool Care Squad van parked during a pool cleaning service near you
Ultra Pool Care Squad van parked during a pool cleaning service near you

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Advice, tips, guidance & news on keeping your pool safe, healthy, and clean from the experts in pool / spa service, maintenance, and repair.

Bookmark this page to learn more about keeping your pool and spa performing at its best. You’ll be reading and seeing from your local Ultra Pool Care Hero plus others around the country providing information on the best way to keep your pool healthy and clean. Plus, we’ll be providing news and updates on product news, repairs and parts updates, plus advice on to prevent costly maintenance such as weather-related preparations.

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Here’s information, advice and highlights from around North West Ohio.

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News from around the country from our team of trusted, caring professionals.

Shedule your winter pool closing now
Schedule Your Pool Closing Now
If you want to be sure that your pool is properly closed for the winter, now is the time to reserve your day on our calendar so that Ultra Pool Care Squad has the proper time and materials to do the job right.
Reserve your space to close your swimming pool for the winter.
What is a winter pool cover and what can it do for my pool?
The best time to prepare closing your swimming pool for the season is during the summer heat. While everyone is enjoying their lemonade and getting their tans, you should invest in a winter pool cover.
A Comprehensive Guide to Keeping Your Swimming Pool Clean and Crystal Clear
A Comprehensive Guide to Keeping Your Swimming Pool Clean and Crystal Clear
Regular maintenance and proper cleaning techniques are essential to keep your pool water pristine. Here, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to get your swimming pool clean and maintain its clarity throughout the year.
Why is my swimming pool turning white?
Why is my pool turning white?
We often of customers concerned that their pools are “turning white” on them. Let’s review some potential reasons behind why your swimming pool may be turning white - and what to do about it.
When Should I Perform a Pool Shock?
The time has come to perform a pool shock if you wish to restore equilibrium to your backyard swimming pool. When you shock the pool, you disrupt the chlorine and any pollutants that are upsetting the chemical balance of your pool. Additionally, you will benefit from a crystal-clear, hygienic pool.
How to find the best pool cleaning service
How to Find the Best Pool Cleaning Service
Finding a good swimming pool cleaning service can seem challenging but the Ultra Pool Care Squad Heroes have some tips that might help.
How to Get Rid of Algae in Your Pool
Green algae is the most common type of algae to effect swimming pools. Let us talk about how to get rid of it and how you can prevent it from growing.
swimming pool equipment essentials
Swimming Pool Equipment Essentials
The basics you'll need to maintain and clean your pool.
technology at the swimming pool
Technology at the swimming pool
With a wide range of technology available, living a life of leisure in your swimming pool has never been easier or more exciting.

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