Technology at the swimming pool

Are you ready to dive into the latest in swimming pool technologies that further enhance the experience of owning a pool from Leisure Pools? Come with us as we define that excitement and what it means to you, the Leisure Pools swimming pool owner.

Technology. It is everywhere. A strong part of our daily lives. Although living off the grid seems like a nice diversion at times, we probably could not survive long without all of the creature comforts technology affords us. It literally comprises our lives 24/7. It can be a challenge to wake up without it (“Alexa – wake me up at 5 a.m.) and drift off to slumberland without it (“Alexa – set sleep sounds”).

First of all, the fascination we as a society have with technology seemingly knows no bounds. We have it in our cars, our homes (ever think someone would actually call your home “smart?”), on our bikes, on our wrists, in our ears and more. It pretty much seems here to stay.

Secondly, while some might argue the negative aspects of technology (and there are some, we will argue that!), the benefits seems to largely outweigh those nuisances. Technology makes our lives easier, safer, more comfortable, and definitely more manageable.

Fortunately, technology has not forgotten about the swimming pool industry, either. It has created high-tech products with leading innovations and features that make owning a pool even more desirable, focusing on why we want a backyard fiberglass swimming pool in the first place: for fun and relaxation, guided by efficiency.

With technology at our fingertips, living a life of leisure in an innovatively-designed fiberglass swimming pool from Leisure Pools has never been easier or more exciting. Technology reduces the amount of time you spend cleaning and maintaining your swimming pool. It also keeps your pool healthier and more beautiful. As a result, you have more time to just kick back, relax and have fun while create the best memories possible with your family and friends. That’s what living a life of leisure means.

Technology at Your Fingertips

While there are many automated features that will enhance your backyard swimming pool, there are a few popular products that have taken center stage. Let’s take a peek at these and discover how they can elevate your exciting experience of owning a backyard pool.

1. Remote Controls

These include web-based platforms, mobile applications, and handheld devices.  This technology advances convenience to new heights.

Why walk over to your system’s base unit when you can just use a remote to make any adjustments? You can activate and monitor pool equipment, any pool features and even the water conditions, all with a touch of a button.

2. Automatic pool cleaners

We have all heard of those automated vacuum cleaners for the inside of our homes. Now is the time to discover how you can delegate the chore of cleaning your swimming pool to something that gets rid of the dirt and debris that seem to collect in the water: the automated pool cleaner.  These little guys work hard, moving about the pool throughout the day tending to their chores.

3. Automation Systems

Automation systems are great for multiple reasons: cleaning, lighting, purification, heating, spa jets, filtration and more. You can even include LED pool lights with multicolor light show.

Automation systems save time, too. Want to clean your pool in the middle of the night? Schedule a time for your pool vacuum to get the job done while you are sleeping. Perhaps you want the swimming pool lights to go on at a certain time at night and shut off at a certain time in the morning.

Further, if you have a variable speed pump on your pool, you can program the pump to operate on a lower speed for those functions that are not so demanding (daily filtration), thereby consuming less energy.

4. Heaters

When the weather gets a bit chilly, a heater can make your pool more comfortable. A heater is a great way to extend the swimming pool season. Plus, if you have a spa, a heater is definitely needed.

Gas heaters raise water temperature quickly. However, a heat pump is an alternative.  Heat pups take heat from the outside air. However, they are not very functional in areas with cooler temperatures or with low humidity.

Heat pumps do not fire up the temperature of the water as quickly as gas heaters. However, once a heat pump gets the water to a targeted temperature, they are more energy efficient in maintaining that temperature.

5. Ozone and Ultraviolet (UV) Purification Systems

A backyard swimming pool can be a beautiful sight to behold. With the proper technology at your disposal, your swimming pool can sparkle and shine.

First of all, while chlorine helps keep the pool water clean, it also results in dry skin and red eyes. An ozone generator and ultraviolet light systems are alternative purification measures that can destroy contaminant while greatly reducing the need for chlorine. These systems also work better at neutralizing more illness-inducing pathogens than chlorine can.

Secondly, ozone creates water that is gentle on the skin and more effective than chlorine when it comes to killing the parasite that causes diarrhea.

Further, once ozone does its job, it dissipates rapidly and leaves no byproducts within the pool’s environment. A UV light also kills a high percentage of microorganisms without leaving toxic byproducts hanging out in the pool.

Finally, both ozone and UV light will not upset the balance of the pool water. When used in tandem, ozone and UV can save time and money, giving you the freedom to enjoy a healthier swimming environment without the hassle of extra maintenance time.

Your Swimming Pool Cleans Up Well

Whether you want to automate your pool system or simply create a more inviting swimming experience, technology and its advanced features will give you the life of simplicity when it comes to maintaining your pool.

These products are easy to use and will give you the ultimate gift of time. This way, you can spend a lot more time concentrating on why you got the backyard pool in the first place: for rest and relaxation while creating some of the most amazing memories. At the same time, these technological wonders will keep your pool healthy and looking great. For more information on these and more technology offerings, check out our Enhancements page.

If you are ready to explore your options, you should consider consulting your local, independent Leisure Pools dealer. They will know the best way to select the perfect design, in the perfect color, with the right landscaping and accessories.

Simply call us at (855) 85-SPLASH (855-857-7527) or go to our Contact Us page. You information will be routed to your nearest local dealer who can make sure that you have the best opportunity to enjoy your well-deserved “Life of Leisure.”


This blog post originally appeared on Leisure Pools on February 3, 2022.