Offering premium pool cleaning & maintenance in Chattanooga including Apison, Charleston, Cleveland, Georgetown, Harrison,
Lookout Mountain, McDonald, Ooltewah and surrounding neighborhoods.

Ultra Pool Care Squad of East Chattanooga offers you premium pool cleaning and repair services that protect you and your family. You simply want to enjoy your pool. We get that. Regular pool cleaning can be a tedious chore, but it has to be done to ensure the water is hygienic and keeps the equipment in good working order and increases its longevity. Our trained and skilled professionals will roll up their sleeves and get to work while you enjoy more time hanging out by the pool with family and friends. Make the most of your backyard vacation and leave the dirty work to the pros.

Pool Cleaning and Maintenance Services in East Chattanooga

As a professional pool cleaning and maintenance business, we are committed to keep your pool water sparkling clean and your pool equipment in optimal working order. Whether you want a basic pool service or a fully comprehensive program, we have a pool care plan that works best for you.

We also offer a range of additional services including “Pool School” which is an introduction to pool service (if you would like to take care of your pool on your own), Green to Clean (if you’ve found your pool’s water has turned green and you need recovery), Storm Clean Up, parts service and diagnosis, and much more. Just call or email us with your concern, we’re here to help get you back to clean and happy.

We are the ultra-heroes of pool care

Ultra Pool Care Squad, the ultra-heroes of swimming pool & spa cleaning and maintenance


Our mission is to fight Grime one pool at a time. Our objective is to provide you and your family with a pool and/or spa that is safe, clean and healthy for everyone to enjoy whenever you use your pool/spa.

Ultra Pool Care Squad, the ultra-heroes of swimming pool & spa cleaning and maintenance
Lou Zarzour, owner of Ultra Pool Care Squad of East Chattanooga, Ultra Pool Care Squad of East Chattanooga, the trusted experts in pool cleaning and maintenance service.

Meet your local ultra-hero: Lou Zarzour

Lou ZarzourCompassionate. Authentic. Reliable. Expert.

The first thing you should know about Lou is that he is a “local.” He, and his family, have a history within the Chattanooga area that extends more than a century. Within that time, you will find a history of service and entrepreneurship that is hard to match.

When you look at his service, you must first start with his dedication to his country. Lou is an eight-year veteran of the Air Force. After his graduation at Ooltewah High School, he enlisted with the Air Force where he completed his initial training at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio. He then served at the Aviano Air Force Base in Italy and completed his miliary career at Dyess Air Force Base (Abilene, Texas) serving with dignity and honor.

Lou then returned home, to Chattanooga, to continue his mission of service. This has included managing or owning various small businesses for the past twenty years in industries ranging from automotive and manufacturing to media services.

His greatest joy has been providing personal services to the people of Chattanooga. His love of baseball has led him to serve as a coach for traveling club teams but it has been the thrill of watching local talented players develop that makes him smile the most. To help his players develop, he works at a baseball performance center so that they can work out year-round. This has led his students to not only better master their skills but provide them opportunities for athletic scholarships.

With Ultra Pool Care Squad, he has once again capitalized on sharing what he loves with the people of Chattanooga. During the pandemic, like many other families, he turned his attention to his family and to creating a better home environment. Working with his friends, he built a beautiful swimming pool in his backyard. At the conclusion, he searched for a company to help him clean his pool. Not being able to find anyone willing to help him, he took things into his own hands – and began learning how to do it himself. He quickly found the time beside the pool to be very enjoyable – and realized that he could help other families by transferring his knowledge and skills to their pools.

If you know Lou, the words you will hear again and again is that he is “friendly” and “caring.” He enjoys sharing stories and learning more about how he can help you – because you are his neighbor and part of his family. Some people call these qualities heroic. Just know that Lou will go to “Ultra” lengths to make sure that you, and your personal family, are safer, happier and will enjoy a less stressful life by allowing him to keep your pool and spa sparkling clean and clear.

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Ultra Pool Care Squad East Chattanooga service area

Ultra Pool Care Squad of East Chattanooga offers premium pool cleaning & maintenance services in the greater Chattanooga area including Apison, Charleston, Chattanooga, Cleveland, Georgetown, Harrison, Lookout Mountain, McDonald, Ooltewah and surrounding neighborhoods.
Our pool care services are available within Bradley, Hamilton and Meigs County serving the following zip codes:


Ultra Pool Care Squad East Chattanooga service area